Wet Skips and Readymades

Written by Rachel Watkins


'A key theme of Edgelands is that they can be overlooked as public life busily proceeds. Jonny's oobjective was to give the area a chance to not be forgotten. He explored Coventry Canal, previously a key component in transporting goods to and from the factories but now used for either leisure purposes or is some cases, as a dumping ground. Jonny collected pieces of litter he found in and around the canal, and made them both the subject of the photographs, but also the cameras themselves. Using pinhole photography, he was able to turn the stigma away from these disused items left behind - a cigarette packet, a water gun, a pair of jeans - and instead re-purposed former commodities. These piece of litter mirror the once popular canal, having once had a purpose, but now largely forgotten.'